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Offering Fingerprinting, Apostille, Scan, or Backgrounds Checks Services for Over 10 Years

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We provide Live Scan fingerprinting services for a wide variety of state agencies, programs and industries in the city of Miami

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Our professional technicians will go to your location and provide quality service, This is by appointment only, large groups are additional charge.

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LiveScan Fingerprinting

Fingerprints R Us is a authorized live scan fingerprinting vendor that will transmit records electronically to FDLE.

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We capture and submit your electronic fingerprints submissions (EFS) directly to FINRA

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Fingerprint Cards

Using our live scan machine, our experts offer you the results printed on a card. We Stock FD-258 (Blue & White) and FINRA Fingerprint cards at all of our Florida offices.

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Fingerprints R Us and there state of the art equipment capture fingerprints digitally and prints them on a F258 FBI card. F.B.I Background Checks

Finger Prints R Us can electronically transmit your prints directly to the FBI Channeler

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Background Checks in Florida

Do you need a background check in the state of Florida? We can help.

Fingerprinting and Background Check Services in Miami Florida

For over a decade, Fingerprints R us has been a reliable partner offering fingerprinting and background services in Florida. We have in-person and mobile appointments available. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment.

How We Help

Whether you need assistance with FBI fingerprinting, FBI apostille, FINRA scan, or backgrounds checks in Florida, we’ve got you covered. We can have the results printed on a card using our live scan machine. We Stock FD-258 (Blue & White) and FINRA Fingerprint cards at all of our Florida offices.

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